With sales space and management time a premium for most retailers, VOLO's requirement for minimal local hardware makes it ideal for smaller premises requiring centrally managed staff access. With no local PC server required, not only is there less clutter but removing direct, local access to the Server negates a number of potential security concerns. The 2 reader controllers can secure up to 2 doors, perfect for cash offices and store rooms whilst the addition of Slave units can expand the system as required for individual store requirements.

Hosted software allows convenient system maintenance from local, regional or central offices to update staff records, access rights and manage card issuance for up to 100,000 users, therefore reducing administration and training.

  • Small footprint of hardware minimises impact on retail space
  • Protect cash/staff rooms as well ingress to facility
  • Over 10,000 sites - ideal for multiple outlets
  • Remote access from any Internet browser allows permanent and temporary staff management
  • No local PC installation or maintenance required