Return on Investment

Financial benefits of installation and maintenance of VOLO versus traditional PC based solutions are multiple, but essentially fall into 4 main areas:

Reduced investment in hardware:

  • PC server and O/S per local site
  • Networking cable and equipment

Reduced Labour:

  • No PC procurement of PC Server and associated software and accessories
  • No loading and configuring of access control software on PC Server
  • No locally commissioning of access control software
  • No network infrastructure (switches/routers/CAT5e)
  • No specialist software commissioning required on site.
  • Less project management resource required on site

Reduced Travel commitment and associated expenses:

  • Less time on site = less days = less travel time
  • Less hardware on site = less maintenance visits

Opportunity to provide for additional Services cost effec:tively

Full access to clients' systems in real-time from any Internet browser allows additional 'outsourced' services to be offered as part of the service and maintenance package.  These could include:

  • Out of hours services
  • Credential issuance
  • Card printing (not available directly from VOLO software)
  • Audit trails and reporting
  • Timesheet analysis of contractors and staff

Return in Investment examples

Equipment costs and on-going maintenance overheads are significant when compared to licensing charges both initially and for the life of the system*.

VOLO ROI Comparision 2 door initial and yearly costsVOLO ROI Comparision 2 door 5 year costs


  • Licence cost is a fraction of hardware costs in the first year
  • Networking infrastructure has a high labour cost compared to licences
  • Reductions in travelling to site is significant contributor to on-costs

* - Norbain customer market research